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Your Membership Levels and Their Benefits

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Join the growing movement of food and farm co-ops in Ontario today!

The Local Food and Farm Co-ops (LFFC) began in 2009 to foster the growth and development of a strong and robust food co-op sector in Ontario. Since that time, our group of participating co-ops has grown over 600% from only a dozen members to over 90 strong. Ontario’s food and farm co-ops vary in size, scope, governance and purpose, but all share values of supporting local communities with access to healthy food, equitable wages and supporting local farmers and food producers.

Co-operative and democratic control of local economies is becoming ever more important; we could not have reached this point without supporters like you. Please consider joining today, and get the trial period free!

Local Food and Farm Co-ops members receive:

  1. Webinar and in person training on marketing, governance, financing!
  2. Free resources such as sample policies, feasibility studies, articles, by-laws!
  3. Access to peer co-operators to trouble-shoot, share equipment, collaborate!
  4. Participation in collaborative grants!
  5. Trial period free!
  6. Promotion of your co-op!
  7. Support for funding applications!
  8. Access to the mentorship program!
  9. Votes at the Local Food and Farm Co-ops' AGM!
  10. Presentation at workshop sessions for the Co-op Field Schools and the Assembly!

All Co-op Members Benefit from:

  • Working together to shape a co-operative future for food in Ontario
  • Access to specific member only resources including certain tool-kits

  • access to templates in the document repository
  • Funder listings and updates to funding announcements as they arise
  • Pro -Bono facilitation and mediation time when possible
  • Troubleshooting
  • Discounts for assemblies, webinars and training
  • Opportunities for partnership on programs and grants
  • Listing on the website
  • Opportunity to contribute to the monthly e-newsletter
  • Mentorship and matchmaking
  • Use of Shared Identity
  • Collective Purchasing and Trade

The Start Up/ Emerging Co-op Membership also gives you

  • Access to Peer Support from evolving co-ops and network staff
  • Access to online templates and resources
  • Access to support for joint events as LOFC funding permits
  • Promotion of events and milestones through website and other communications


3 months for free then $200 / year

Join as a Start-up/Emerging Member.

The Evolving and Established Membership also includes:

  • Partnership in funding applications where applicable
  • Depending on funding access to honorarium for presentation and facilitation of other Co-ops

Cost:  $300/ year with access to a one month trial period with access to resources.


1 month for free then $300 / year

Join as an Evolving/Established Member.


The Advocates membership also includes:

• Listing on website and other materials as advocate and supporter

• Notifications and invitations to co-op events, training, etc.

• Notifications of RFPs, job postings, etc. from member co-ops

Cost (two options depending on whether you are an individual or represent an organization):

1. Organizations: $300 to $3000/ year; pay as you wish

2. Individuals: $50-$300; pay as you wish

Join as an Advocate Member.