Communications Services

LFFC now offers Communications services!

Whether you’re looking for branding and logo expertise or help with social media and communications strategies, we can help.

We understand that your time is valuable, and that while communications and marketing may end up being the last thing you have time to do among all of your operational tasks, these are also crucial to the success of your business. Our in-house Communications Coordinator will work with your team to cater a communications package to your needs and budget. Send us a message to get started at


Boost your Books - Bookkeeping Services

Need some boosting? Check out our Bookkeeping Services

We know you’re busy, and good help is hard to find. Our own LFFC Bookkeeper is meticulous, understands the complex nature of co-operatives, and has helped our organization immensely. Lucky for us, he is also available to take on new clients.

If you’re looking for assistance with invoicing, accounting, prepping for your audit, or with Quickbooks, contact us today to discuss a plan that’s the right fit for you at