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NWO Beef Branding

In the Northwest, we are starting to build and market a regional brand of beef  with support from the Beef Farmers of Ontario called Northwest Beef. By using this commodity to build a stronger value chain, we will strengthen local food processing and distribution in this region. We hope to connect the Northeast and Northwest distribution networks before project end.

This project will take place in four stages:

  • Market research to narrow down wholesale and retail customer purchasing priorities

  • Brand development based on pairing consumer desired standards with local production practices

  • Training, support, and inspections of participating farms and processing facilities to ensure product standardization. Farms will be third party inspected to ensure superior quality, animal handling, food safety, environmental standards, and adherence to brand claims.

  • Product launch with branded materials for establishments which choose to purchase and promote this local, quality brand of beef.


What does this mean for the Northwest? Access to higher volumes of beef with consistent quality, conveniently delivered, all produced within Northwestern Ontario (NWO) under a brand which will be promoted and sought after throughout the region.

Beef producer meetings and training sessions will be held throughout NWO for the duration of this project.


This initiative is produced in partnership with Beef Farmers of Ontario.