About Us

The Local Food and Farm Co-operative (LFFC)

Our Mission:  Fostering vibrant, resilient, connected and sustainable food and farm co-operatives

The LFFC is an incorporated non-profit co-operative that provides organizing and development support for food and farming co-operatives in Ontario. LFFC currently provides training and development for over 75 co-ops across the province, including the north. Food and farm co-ops have been instrumental in the rapid development and success of local food and agriculture in Ontario. The member co-ops provide stable markets for hundreds of regional producers and processors, and support an estimated 1000 jobs directly, and thousands more indirectly. LFFC provides training and capacity-building online and in person, and coordinates peer-to-peer support among the member co-ops.

The LFFC network’s membership has grown exponentially over the last four years, an expansion that is representative of the wave of food co-op development sweeping North America. LFFC members represent a range of co-op types, including consumer, multi-stakeholder co-ops, producer and worker co-ops and food and agriculture sectors; retail markets; farm co-ops; online food hubs that aggregate and distribute for customers; co-op food hubs aggregating local food and distributing to regional markets; and other co-op businesses working in regional food. LFFC members focus on local organic, often fresh food. Currently, the LFFC network is the only association explicitly serving local food and farm co-ops in Ontario, and in Canada.

The Local Food and Farm Co-ops (LFFC) began in 2009 to foster the growth and development of a strong and robust food co-op sector in Ontario. Since that time, our membership has grown over 600% from only a dozen members to over 90 strong. Our members vary in size, scope, governance and purpose, but all share values of supporting local communities with access to healthy food, equitable wages and supporting local farmers and food producers.

Check out our Progress Report from 2015-2016 and our 2017 Annual Report via the buttons below to learn more about LFFC, how far we’ve come, our membership, and our projects.