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How to Start Your Farm Co-op

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Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear from Heather Pritchard, a farm co-op/land-tenure expert from Foodlands Co-operative, BC. Heather will be leading this session on how to start your farm co-op, from the introduction of farm co-ops to her experience with best practices and factors of success. This is your chance to meet Heather and ask her any questions you may have about starting your own co-op.

Members of EFAO and LFFC receive discounts to this event, with tickets at $40 each. Please get in touch for details and to receive your code:

EFAO members: contact or 519-822-8606

LFFC members: contact


  • Introduction to farm co-ops

  • How to start your co-op

  • Factors of Success

  • Q & A

  • What is it that you would like to address or that you are having issues with?


Heather Pritchard is committed to passing on the skills, land, partnerships, sustainable practices and biodiverse seeds to the next generation of farmers in BC.

She has been pioneer in promoting different forms of land tenure that will allow people who want to farm to have access to land in the future.

Heather is not new to big innovative ideas. In the early 80’s when she co-founded Folk on the Rocks music festival, bringing together musicians from the far-flung communities in the Northwest Territories, she did so to demonstrate how a racially divided community could unite around music. In the 90’s, she co-founded an agricultural business on Fraser Common Farm and is recognized as creating the first commercially grown mixed green salad in Canada. In 2006 the company became a coop, Glorious Organics, and since then Heather has been an advocate of “shared farming on shared land”.

As a founding member of FarmFolk CityFolk, her work, over the past 24 years, includes coordinating the BC region of the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Food Security, partnering with Young Agrarians, and supporting the development of Community Farm Cooperatives. She is a founding member of Vancouver Food Policy Council and the BC Food Systems Network and is the current Chair of Slow Food in Canada.

In 2015, Heather was given the Brad Reid Memorial Award for her outstanding contribution to the organic sector in British Columbia. On January 1, 2018, Heather left FarmFolk CityFolk to work full time for the Foodlands Cooperative of BC