Kanata Foods Co-op

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Our Mission:
Huron-Iroquois called their Villages “Kanata”. This word is said to be the origin of the world Canada.  Kanata Foods co-op reflect the core values of Canada; It starts with the principle of "shared destiny": meaning that we are best shaped through collective action and that when we convene the effort of individuals the results are not a sum, it’s a multiplication with greater achievements than the potential of each individual part. We operate under the core principles of collaboration, inclusion, community, multiculturalism, quality and prosperity.

Our mission is to help Ontario Small and Medium size Processors to grow and access new markets by creating a network of food processing enterprises contributing to the economic and social development of Ontario. We connect SME's involved in the processing and distribution of food products, contributing to business to business collaboration, resources optimization, business growth and social empowerment.

Our goals include:

  • To contribute to the development and improvement of infrastructure dedicated to food processing in Ontario

  • Promote and support entrepreneurship in food processing and distribution

  • Facilitate food safety and Food Quality that eventually lead to federal registration and international certifications

  • Promote R&D between our customers

  • Make secondary processing readily available for SME’s

  • Promote collaboration between SME’s for the marketing, distribution and sale of food products.

  • Help SME’s to access available resources such as grants, loans, business services, etc.

Our members include microprocessors, co-packers, consultants, and processors of different sizes, capabilities and locations.

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Together We’re Bitter Brewing

Together We're Bitter Brewing is a craft microbrewery located in Kitchener. They sell beer but that's not all they do - they also also try to be a place for community groups to gather, and artists and musicians to showcase their craft. This co-op is built on and for the people. They truly believe that through bringing more people into the group, it builds more value as each person brings something to the table. 

Organic Meadow

As a Co-operative, Organic Meadow provides a unique opportunity for organic farmers to collectively store, process and market organically-grown products including organic milk, organic dairy products, organic eggs and organic grains.  Our goal is to unite small family farms under one brand, letting them share in the benefits of our marketing efforts.  Organic Meadow is committed to ensuring fair, consistent financial returns to its farmers while maintaining quality at every stage, from soil to table.

Village Co-op

This emerging worker-farmer-community local food co-operative is based in Portsmouth Village, Kingston, Ontario. The Village Co-op's vision is to offer a range of value-added local organic products while engaging and educating our community on seasonal eating, sustainable farming, fair trade, food justice and feeding ourselves as a region.