Decision Making

Group Decision Making

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Tools for Change workshop about Group Decision Making, facilitated by Leah Henderson.  The workshop was replete with information and time for reflection on how these principles applied to our organizations and groups, and I left equipped with information that I am confident will be useful in growing and developing the strengths and capacities of the Local Organic Food Co-ops Network.

Facilitation and Consensus Decision Making Guides

Consensus is an inclusive and participatory model of decision making and has historically been used by activists since the 1950s. The Latin root of the word is consentire, 'con' meaning together and 'sentire' meaning to feel. Consensus allows a group to think and feel together about the conclusion that should be reached.

This guide will address

What is consensus?

Why is it preferable to voting?

How to facilitate

Tips and tricks for larger groups