Coops 101

How to Start Your Farm Co-op - with Heather Pritchard, Foodlands Co-op BC

Local Food and Farm Co-ops in partnership with Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario bring you a workshop and talk with Heather Pritchard, a seasoned farm co-op and land trust community-builder from BC.

Dollars & Directors Webinar series: Good Governance - Best Practices for Board of Directors

The 6th Webinar in our Dollars & Directors webinar series, LFFC’s own Peggy Baillie takes you through what makes a smooth-functioning board of directors, good governance practices, and how to support a board’s directors as well as how they should be engaging with staff and other stakeholders.

Dollars & Directors Webinar series: Financial Planning & Board Responsibilities

The 5th webinar in our Dollars & Directors series, the goal of this webinar is to provide key information for financial planning as well as the roles and responsibilities of board directors, management and financial committees. Featuring Marc Belanger of Collins Barrow and Joel Lalonde of Your Credit Union.

FSCO: Guide to Setting Up a Co-op in Ontario

This guide covers the basic steps to start a co-operative. It's aimed at groups starting either co-op businesses or non-profit co-ops.

The Guide to Setting up a Co-operative contains general information about the Co-operative Corporations Act and basic financial matters. It is only an aid and should not replace reading the Actitself or consulting a lawyer or accountant.

Food Co-ops Toolkit (UK)

More and more communities are setting up food co-ops so they can get good food at an affordable price and have more control over where their food comes from.

Co-operation is all about two or more people joining forces and working together to achieve something they probably couldn't do on their own.

In the case of food co-ops a group of people join forces in order to be able to buy foods they may otherwise find it hard to get hold of at a price they can afford. By volunteering their time and pooling their buying power they can get produce direct from local farmers or wholesalers.

This toolkit has been produced as part of the Big Lottery funded Making Local Food Work programme to help more communities set up their own food co-ops and buying groups.