Young Agrarians Land Access Guide

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How This Guidebook Can Support You

The purpose of this guide is to support new and landless farmers to choose a path toward accessing land. In researching and writing this guide, the driving question has been: how have new farmers gotten onto land? There are several di erent options to consider from leasing and purchasing to community farms and incubator plots- each with its own set of pro’s and con’s. Farming is hard work and it takes signi cant planning, perseverance, and determination to be successful at it.

This guide will lead you through a brainstorming and re ection process to help frame your needs and directions. It will outline the various choices for accessing land, and provide useful tips for assessing land for farming, a checklist for developing farm access agreements with a landowner, and a sample lease template. You’ll also nd examples from farmers of di erent types of
land access relationships from leasing to owning to family tenure. All of the organizations, resources and links cited throughout this guide are listed for your reference in the Resources section at the end.