LFFC 2017 By-laws

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This is a guide for the development of LFFC by-laws that uses the OnCo-op by-laws as a template. On-Co-op is a similar provincial organization of co-ops, and was used as the primary example (and shared freely with LFFC by ONCo-op). Other suggestions for additions or insertions are highlighted and noted in the revised text. The document contains highlighted sections that must be brought to the LOFC incorporators/ first Board of Directors to decide. Other highlighted notes are drawn from a range of sources and included to suggest other topics or different wording. This is meant as a Guide only for the drafting and finalization of the LFFC by-laws. The Table of Contents provides an overview of the topics. Note that the order of topics follows OnCo-op’s example, but is different from other models, and is easily changed if warranted.