Food Hub Business Assessment Toolkit

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After two years of work, during which time the Investments team collected best practices, critical data, and developed and re ned our expertise, we have put together the Food Hub Business Assessment Toolkit. The toolkit is an empirical tool for investors and food hubs alike to utilize in the process of evaluating a food hub business’ readiness for investment. It is our hope that this assessment toolkit will help investors feel thoroughly prepared to make an investment
in a food hub and, likewise, will assist food hubs in ensuring that their business is ready for investment.

None of this important and meaningful work would be possible without our valued funders, which include private foundations, government agencies, like-minded corporations, and individual donors. We are proud and humbled to say that these relationships have brought far more than just nancial support and we are deeply thankful to each and every one for their generous support.

We hope that this toolkit is of great value to you.
Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or (203) 226-1112.