Food Co-op Fundraising Toolkit

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Fundraising facilitates diverse activities for co-ops, including early development, programs, equipment purchases, infrastructure development and expansion. Fundraising can support special projects, and the start up of new programs. Fund-raising can provide a focus for the community engagement process during development phases, as well as mobilizing in-kind and financial investment and commitment from the community. Fundraising can sometimes help to meet expenses, particularly program expenses. Fund-raising for specific projects can reduce costs and improve access for marginalized groups.

This toolkit has been put together to provide LOFC members with valuable information about different funding options for co-operatives. The toolkit also provides guidelines for a variety of approaches and fund development contexts. For instance, the approach to the development of a donor base is significantly different from the approach for grants. Each organization must decide what fundraising mix works best for them, based on their current needs, vision and goals, as well as staff and financial resources.