Co-operative Community Supported Agriculture: A Multifarm CSA Handbook

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The question for CSA farmers is not how do I get one started, but how do I keep it going?The amount of work and the level of responsibility to your CSA members can be tremendous. A lot of CSAs have dealt with that responsibility by adding more acreage and more customers to get to the point where they can have two or three full-time year-round farmers. This book provides you with another option. You can work together with other farmers (experienced and beginners) to create a cooperative CSA. This will allow you to remain a one-family farm and in the process, build a community of farmers.

Farming is sometimes a solitary occupation and having CSA customers interested and sometimes assisting in your daily tasks can make it more enjoyable. Working together with other farmers to create a second layer of community is deeply rewarding and fulfilling in ways that transcend being appreciated. It creates a brotherhood and sisterhood of like-minded souls. It can make you and your farm stronger by giving you new opportunities to work together, share ideas, and help each other out. This book will give you the how-to’s and nuts and bolts of setting up and operating a co-operative CSA. It is a clear and comprehensive work on co-operatives and CSA farming.