Guide to Youth Engagement

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According to Peter Kenyon, the historic view of young people is problematic; that they cause problems, have problems, and are problems.  This is so entrenched in our thought that in fact, the latin word from which "teenager" originates is teona, which means 'grief, strife and misery.'

Yet, young men and women have many unique assets, including:

  • fresh perspectives
  • great collaborators
  • make the dollar stretch
  • passionate about issues, eg. environment/sustainability
  • impatience
  • attract the attention of the media
  • best know what other young people think and want

The City of Toronto's InvolveYouth2: A guide to meaningful youth engagement was written to provide advice and support for organizations and staff who work with youth. It's a practical manual which draws on the experience of youth workers and others. It provides strategies on how organizations can help young people gain new skills by creating welcoming environments, supporting youth to make decisions and designing program activities and approaches that meaningfully engage youth.

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