Succession Planning Through Worker Co-ops

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A business owner is retiring from a small or medium sized business. He or she has explored the options for succession and has decided to sell the business to his/her employees and managers. They have made a commitment to own and manage the business as a worker co-op. This report documents the information, knowledge and strategies involved in reaching such a decision, for the owner and for the workers. It explains the functioning of a worker co-operative, as well as the various options available to a business owner when facing retirement. It also examines the challenges and the processes involved to ensure the continuation and long-term success of the worker co-op business. There is a very large number of retirements by business owners expected in the coming years. Succession planning is a complex process for a business owner preparing for retirement, and an employee buy-out as a worker co-op is an option which should be given serious consideration.  This report was researched and written by co-op developer Peter Hough, and published by the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation.

Succession Planning Using the Worker Co-op Option