The Future Is Rural: Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification

Here is an incredible free tool from the Post-Carbon Institute to gauge food self-sufficiency in a specific region.

Here’s a snippet, the introduction to the section Part 2 - Appropriate Way s of Thinking to Respond [to the dilemmas of modern life with perpetual growth on a finite planet]:

“Here’s our predicament. Our entire way of life, even the food that sustains us, relies on a rapid drawdown of resources and is undermining environmental support systems. One of the steps we need to take is to clear out old assumptions and modes of thinking that developed within today’s culture and adopt new mindsets that ground us, so we can adapt to novel circumstances. “

Download both documents below!

Dollars & Directors Webinar Series: Money & Mission - Understanding Your Co-op's Finances

This 7th webinar in our Dollars & Directors series focuses on understanding the financials unique to co-operatives, reviewing key financial reports and indicators to help you improve your co-op's financial management, and how mission-driven businesses balance their financial requirements and needs, including the use of an excel spreadsheet created and shared by Co-op Specialist Russ Christianson. Please download both the spreadsheet and the accompanying article via the buttons below to follow along with the webinar.

Dollars & Directors Webinar series: Good Governance - Best Practices for Board of Directors

The 6th Webinar in our Dollars & Directors webinar series, LFFC’s own Peggy Baillie takes you through what makes a smooth-functioning board of directors, good governance practices, and how to support a board’s directors as well as how they should be engaging with staff and other stakeholders.

Dollars & Directors Webinar series: Financial Planning & Board Responsibilities

The 5th webinar in our Dollars & Directors series, the goal of this webinar is to provide key information for financial planning as well as the roles and responsibilities of board directors, management and financial committees. Featuring Marc Belanger of Collins Barrow and Joel Lalonde of Your Credit Union.

Dollars & Directors Webinar series: Making Your Budget Work for You

The fourth webinar in our Dollars & Directors webinar series features Amanda LeClair, former Executive Director for Eat Local Sudbury and former General Manager of West End Food Co-op. Amanda talks through all aspects of budgeting in not-for-profit food co-ops which can be applied to all small businesses when starting up and re-evaluating along the way in your business.

Dollars & Directors Webinar series: Engaging Your Investors

Our third installment of our Dollars & Directors Webinar series showcases examples of community-led fundraising and how these co-ops were able to engage their investors with community bonds and crowdfunding. Barbara Schaffer of Farmersville Community Abbatoir discusses how her collective abbatoir works, Kelli Ebbs of Muskoka North Good Food Co-op talks about their experience of fundraising events and community bonds, while Erin Beagle discusses how they used crowdfunding successfully to reach a broader audience of investors.

Dollars & Directors Webinar series: Grant Fundraising

Our Dollars & Directors webinar series kicks off with a grant fundraising webinar with Peggy Baillie of Local Food and Farm Co-ops and Allison Muckle of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario.

Sample Planogram

Berry Road Food Co-op's James Partanen shared this Planogram schematic with us at the 9th Annual Assembly.  This document is useful when in the planning stages of a space to maximize efficiency within the space provided.  Use the tabs at the bottom to see the lists of items broken down into section, product, price, etc.

Thank you for sharing this example, Berry Road!  Click the button below to download the planogram.



Sample GM Delegation of Authority and Reporting Requirements

Thanks to the West End Food Co-op for sharing this document. 

This General Manager Delegation of Authority and Reporting Requirements document is an example of what a multistakeholder co-operative like West End Food Co-op uses. 



Sample Workplace Anti-Violence and Harassment Policy

Thanks to the West End Food Co-op for sharing this document. 

This Workplace Anti-Violence and Harassment Policy document is an example of what a multistakeholder co-operative like West End Food Co-op uses. 



FSCO: Guide to Setting Up a Co-op in Ontario

This guide covers the basic steps to start a co-operative. It's aimed at groups starting either co-op businesses or non-profit co-ops.

The Guide to Setting up a Co-operative contains general information about the Co-operative Corporations Act and basic financial matters. It is only an aid and should not replace reading the Actitself or consulting a lawyer or accountant.