Reflections on our 10th Assembly


As I’m trying to figure out how to put our 10th Assembly event into words, there are some things that come to mind.

The feeling of solidarity when you are in a room with folks who are experiencing the same challenges and sentiments as you, while working together to brainstorm solutions to problems.

The validation of being frustrated with the state of the local food system and competition from corporate food retail/farm production/distribution coupled with the fatigue of the staff, managers, and board members who have been putting in the work for such a long time. It’s really hard to be in that place, and recognition that it takes strength to persevere is important.

The mutual inspiration that comes from hearing from those who have kept their co-ops going over decades, while hearing from energetic new start-ups that are just gaining ground.

We are all in this together.


From the difficult conversations that ask us to look inward and put in the work to include equity within our co-operative structures to big-picture brainstorming about how to continue with the work we are doing within the framework we’ve been given. And how to break free from that framework, in small day-to-day tasks all the way up to policy engagement and lobbying. We’re feeling the rejuvenation and inspiration from the conversations and workshops we've been part of.

We have a shared responsibility to continue. To keep going when things get difficult, and to lean on others for support where needed.

LFFC hopes to continue lending our support where it’s needed.

Here are some things you can do:

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  • We want to hear from you, so keep in touch! Send us an email, a message over Facebook or Instagram, tag us in your posts so that we can know what’s happening with you and your co-op and if there’s something you want us to share. Are you fundraising or hosting an event? Let us help you get the word out. Have a milestone coming up? Let us know!

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  • Spread the word about LFFC. We know there are tons of co-ops and co-operators out there struggling who could use our support. Connect us to someone who you think may benefit from LFFC’s help.


We’re looking towards a great year for 2019, and are excited to share our progress and your stories with everyone.

In solidarity,