Peer-2-Peer Mentorship Program

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The Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Mentorship Program is an opportunity for experienced sector leaders to share their knowledge with others within the local food and farm co-op sector.

This is a great opportunity for anyone emerging in the sector that may be faced with a challenge within their work. By connecting with an experienced peer, the mentee can ask specific questions, get advice related to their specific situation and build relationships with other in the sector. LFFC will host and facilitate the initial conversation (scheduling a time and proving video conference platform for the meeting). The partners can decide on next steps at the end of the intitial meeting.

The P2P Program has a list of pre-registered mentors who have agreed to be part of the P2P program. Mentees can also identify someone they want to work with who is not on the pre-registered list. Mentors and mentees are asked to complete a simple form to ensure mutual understanding of the terms of the agreement, and for the mentor to receive an honorarium from LFFC.



  1. Mentor and mentee identify willingness to work together

  2. They complete and sign the form identifying the topic (which can be specific or a general need for input)

  3. LFFC will schedule a time to meet by video/ teleconference and facilitate the conversation if needed

  4. Partners will decide on next steps:

    1. Not to proceed further

    2. To continue discussions based on an agreed contract

    3. For the mentor to provide occasional phone/ e-mail access to trouble-shoot

    4. send evaluation to participants

Mentee Responsibilities

  • To respect the time, needs and experience being shared by the mentor

  • Adhere to the mentorship agreement

  • To communicate with LFFC staff in the case of any changes, challenges or problems with the mentorship


Mentor Responsibilities

  • To be available to support the mentor as agreed in the mentorship agreement

  • To adhere to the mentorship agreement

  • To communicate with LFFC staff in the case of any changes, challenges or problems with the mentorship

  • Submit invoices in a timely manner.

Cost of the Program


  • The cost of the program for the initial phone meeting is free for members of the LFFC.

  • If funding is no longer available, the terms may change

For non- members

  • The fees are as follows for each hour with the mentor

    • Telephone/ Video Meetings: $45/hr

    • In Person Meetings: $100/ hr

Payment of Services (funding permitted)

Mentors are eligible for compensation for their time and travel expenses based on the following terms:

  • $40/ hour for telephone or in person mentorship time

  • Travel Expense (when required) Kilometers - $0.45/ km, Travel time - $15/hr

Let us know if you have any questions about the program!  Send us an email at