9th Annual Assembly Registration now online!

Our 9th Annual Assembly will be on March 20th-21st in Schomberg, ON.

Check out our Assembly Page for more info and Early Bird Registration!


Our 9th Assembly Partners

Learn more about some of our 9th Assembly Sponsors in the following Profiles:

Ontario Co-operative Association


The Ontario Co-operative Association (formerly On Co-op) is the only organization to bring together ALL of Ontario’s English-speaking co-operatives and credit unions for education, support, development, information-sharing and celebration. By fostering cross-sector networking, On Co-op promotes co-operation amongst co-operatives.


The Big Carrot


One of the oldest natural food grocery stores in Toronto, the Big Carrot was founded on co-operative principles though it officially does not operate as a workers' co-op.  This enormous natural and organic food grocery store on Danforth Avenue in Toronto's Riverdale east end neighbourhood includes a cafe, a dispensary, and also a fresh juice bar.


Ag Energy Co-operative


Ag Energy Co-operative Ltd. was founded over 28 years ago by growers to help pool their natural gas purchasing power.  Since then, Ag Energy has expanded its offerings to include electricity and evolved into an experienced energy management team.